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Charity Activity

Khao Lak & Phuket School Charity Projects

December 2014

SKAL CHILDREN'S DAY 2014 (13 December 2014)

It was the time of the year to have another children day. As per the tradition started years ago, Skal Phuket together with different sponsors arrange the children from the school in Khao Lak and Rawai to get together and have a fun day here in Phuket.

EXO Travel graciously offered the complimentary transfer from Khao Lak and Rawai to the Centara Grand Beach Resort Phuket in Karon. The children and the teachers were treated for a fantastic lunch in one of the beautiful meeting room, they even have a gigantic cake!

After that, it was all about fun with lot’s of games arrange by the Centara team around the resort and the highlight of the afternoon the water park with the lazy river, the water slides and the jump from the waterfalls. We finished the day by receiving a lovely t-shirt and cap from Centara. All children (and teachers) had a fabulous day! Thank you EXO Travel and Centara Grand Beach Resort Phuket to help us organising this 2014 Children Day, see you next year!!

Claude & the Skal Phuket Committee

17 December 2014

December 2012 / January 2013

SKAL Phuket donates funds to the "Phuket has been good to us" Foundation

On Saturday, 8th December 2012, Skal Phuket hosted a charity event, FULL MONTY, at the Bliss Beach Club to raise funds for charity. Thanks to all the sponsors and guests, the FULL MONTY Fund Raiser was a huge success. A substantial amount has been raised to benefit Phuket’s "Phuket Has Been Good To Us Foundation" in the amount of THB 150'000. Another THB 150'000 was donated to Skal Phuket's own educational charity programs benefiting children in Rawai and Khao Lak.

SKAL Phuket donates funds to the 'Phuket has been good to us' Foundation
The cheque handover ceremony and Thank You Sponsors and Actors! party for the Full Monty Fund Raising event was held at the Serenity Resort in Rawai on January 20, 2013.

More resources:

PR Release SKAL Phuket donates funds to the "Phuket has been good to us" Foundation
(download the PDF 291 KB).

August 2011


Dear Skalleagues.

Another great day was spend for our yearly children day. This time, we had a total of 45 people and it was nice to see some of our members and also young Skal participating in this event. Thank you all for joining.

We all meet at the Tin Min museum in Kathu and by 10.00am everybody was there. The museum is really something you must visit and encourage people to go. It is more than just about tin mining; it is also about the history of Phuket.

After an hour spends there, we all drove to the south of Phuket at Pluto Ice cream factory where the kids (and us) learned how to make ice cream and of course we tested it! Gianni was the maestro and the kids had fun watching him and his staff. Gianni thought about everything and even prepared some Prosecco for the committee! A fantastic Thai buffet lunch was arranged by Phuket Service Catering thank you Khun Jiraporn for preparing such delicious lunch and ummmm the desserts…. an absolute delight.

Then it was time for some action, we all drove to Chalong at the newly open Phuket Adventure Park
What a great addition to Phuket this is, it is fun, eco-friendly, crazy and absolutely safe, and children from 4 years old can play in the park. Some of our members did the circuit and a special mention to Patrick Bois who climb, jump, walk, swing, fly to follow all the kids and take some very nice photos. The committee were not very courageous and just enjoyed watching the kids having so much fun. Thank you Gilles and your staff, you were absolutely brilliant.

We spend over 2 hours at the park and it was time for the kids to go and see one of Phuket Icon, the Big Buddha. Everybody enjoyed the view and the sunset.

Then it was about time to go home as it was almost 18h00. We had a fantastic day and it’s always so rewarding to see the smile on the children face. Let’s start planning next year activity!
A special thanks to Christophe and Exotissimo for this year again arranging transportation for the children.

Thank you
Claude & the Skal Phuket Committee

20 August 2011

August 2010


This was our third children day and it’s gaining in popularity!!

All together we were close to 40 children & teachers. We started the day at the Gibbons Rehabilitation project. It was very informative for the children, it was not a long visit but we believe it is good to create awareness and the importance to conserve the environment.

After that, we took the children to Phuket Special Education School (download the PDF Brochure). This school was created in 1993 in responding to the needs of children with mental problem or disability. The school is completely free for the children of the provinces of Phuket, Phang-nga, Krabi, Trang and Ranong and it is under the Thai Ministry of education. They have 274 students from Kinder garden up to 18 years old. Skal Phuket made a small donation of Baht 3,000.

Then it was time for lunch, children (and us) were starving!!! We had a very nice lunch in town and everybody enjoyed it!

The last attraction of the day, we always keep the best for the end!!

We took everybody (teachers included) to Splash jungle water park. It started with some ice cream from our friend Gianni from Pluto Ice cream and the kids could not stand it anymore, they were looking at the slides, pools etc… ice cream were down in a second and off they went to the park. Most of the children did not have their own swimming costumes, so we bought for them.

It was a wet & wild day!!

A special thank you to Christophe from Exotissimo for proving the transport for the children and to Gianni for the delicious ice cream.

We will do our children day again this year and we did not fix the date yet. Please if you have any ideas/suggestions for the program please do contact us. We have to make it different and better every year!!

SKAL Phuket Comittee

28 August 2010

June 2010


On 18 June Blandine & Claude went to Wat Sawam Arom Rawai School to get an update of the children Skal Phuket is helping since 2006. We met with school director Khun Chaiyot and children teacher.

In this School, Skal Phuket is now helping 8 children who are mainly orphans or coming from poor family as well as sea gypsy.

We were happy to see that the kids are doing well and enjoy the school.

We have told them that as always, this year we will organize the children day and it will be on 21 August 2010. We will let them know of the program but you could see from their smile that they are really looking forward to this day!!

Blandine & Claude

18 June 2010

July 2009


Our now very popular children day was organized on 25 July 2009. From all school in Khao Lak and Rawai, we had a total of 25 children and teacher.

We started the day with the eco-trail at the Evason in Rawai, where the children learn how to preserve the environment and how to recycle, it was very interesting and all kids enjoyed the tour and asked many questions.

After that it was time to visit the aquarium, where it is always fun to see those colorful fish. We had some refreshment there and went to have a lunch in town. Thank you to Christophe and Exotissimo to provide free buses for the whole day and that include pick-up and send back the children to Khao Lak.

After a delicious lunch, we drove to Patong Junkceylon to have some ice cream generously donated by Giani and Pluto Ice Cream. Then the highlight of the day came with the movie “Ice Age 3”. Fantastic movie even VP Claude and Secretary Jorge had a lot of fun watching it!!

It was almost 6pm and time for the children to go back home. It was a great day for the children but also for us, and we are all looking forward to the next one!!

Claude, Jorge, Simon

25 July 2009

March 2007


The Skal Phuket decided to organize a Children's day for the three schools in Khao Lak and one in Rawai, which Skal Phuket is now also sponsoring. A total of 12 children (6 from Khao Lak and 6 from Rawai) joined the children day together with their respective teachers.

On the 03rd of March in the morning we all met at the Phuket Zoo for the first visit of the day. The children had a lot of fun watching the elephant show and the monkey show and you could see real happiness in their eyes. It was also a good visit for us (Hajo & Claude) as we were visiting the Zoo for the first time, although we thought the Zoo could do with some maintenance and cleaning. Anyway, the kids enjoyed themselves and this was the most important.

At about 12.30, we all felt hungry and went to have a nice lunch at a seafood restaurant next to the Phuket Zoo. Lot's of food were display, but after 2 hours all plates were empty and all tummies full! With Hajo, we thought, ummm now it's time for a nap… but this was not on the children agenda! They knew, we still have more things to do in the afternoon and the nap was postponed to some other time!

Back in the mini bus (graciously offer by AsianTrails and, thank you Beat & Fredy!) and drive down to Phuket Aquarium, but before that we stop at the Mangrove reforestation project where Evason Phuket has replanted thousands of mangrove trees.

This was our educational stop and indeed very interesting as the Evason team (Thank you for spending the whole day with us!) explain to the children how important the mangrove is to the coastal zone by preventing coastal erosion and providing habitats for wildlife.

We then drive down to the Aquarium for the last stop of the day.

The visit of the Aquarium was great, especially since the renovation. We finish with some ice cream and give all kids the educational books and toys that we bought for them,

Over all it was a great day for all of us and the kids had a lot of fun and they simply asked; "When is the next one?"

Back row from left: Hajo Von Keller (President SKAL), Nathalie (Evason Management Trainee), Claude Sauter (Vice President SKAL), Khun Nop (Evason Sport & Activity Manager) together with the children and teachers.

December 2006

Dear Skal Members,

Jaspal and I have met the teachers in charge of the nine children that we are supporting in the three schools. We have also met and spoken to various caretakers / parents of the children and to eight of the nine children themselves.

We have received copies of the bank books which show the credits of Skal Phuket and the debits which have to be made in the presence of both the teacher and their parentorcaretaker of each child. All debits are within the money we have donated. School fees have been paid and the children were all pretty well groomed with clean and new looking uniforms.

The performance of the children in the schools is satisfactory, except for two of them. We have discussed this with their parent / caretaker and with the teacher and we will compare the results during our next visit.

As you can see from the pictures, the schools have received a lot of support in terms of infrastructure, hardware and learning material. It seems obvious though that the children who have lost both of their parents and who now live with 2nd degree family members, still have notdigested the tragedy. Physiological assistance is not given by professionals.

In a first step, we have and will continue to identify people who can offer some kind of moral support and we are trying to source volunteers who can offer professional psychological support. This is something not very common in Thailand and if you look the children at all these schools in the eyes, you realize that hundreds, if not thousands are not very joyful.

Please do feel free to contact the undersigned for any further information.

Claude Baltes
December 2006

October 2005

Skal International Phuket would like to thank Skal International and all other donors for their generous financial support by sponsoring our post Tsunami charity project.

During the Asian Congress held in Phuket in May 2005, Mr. Matanyah Hecht and other members of the Skal International Committee took the opportunity to visit Kao Lak and Takua Pa to get a personal impression and overview on the devastation in the worst affected area hit by the Tsunami.

Skal International Phuket has received well over 1 Mio. Baht in donation for its Tsunami relief fund. After carefully studying several opportunities and possibilities it was decided to spend around Baht 500,000 by supporting a total of nine children in three schools around Takua Pa and Ban Man Kem.

Our financial support of the children is meant to be for their education and the cost involved thereof. The children will receive Baht 500 per month for school fees, etc. in quarterly installments made through our treasurer, Khun Suwit Auttayatamavitaya.
The access to the money is jointly controlled by us and the teachers at the respective schools in order to eliminate any wrong doings.

Four of our members here at Skal International Phuket have kindly agreed to oversee the schooling project over the coming years and we would like to thank Khun Methee Tanmanatragul, Jaspal Singh, Claude Baltes and Claude Sauter for their engagement.

They will report twice per year on the progress of the project and visit the children and their teachers at the end of each school term to ensure that our money is well spent.

Several members of our committee visited Takua Pa in October 2005 to introduce ourselves to the children, their parents and teachers and inform them of our intent to support them.

The children are between 4 and 14 years old and Skal International will support them until they finish high school. Should one or several of them wish to join a university, more funds will be made available.

We are currently still looking for a second project where we can donate another Baht 600,000 approximately and will announce in this section of our website, once the money has been donated.

Please visit our website regularly for more updates on our charity projects.

Urs Aebi
October 2005